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Our Stories

  "JaydSiri Thai Bistro" was established in December 2022 by our founder, who is also a chef herself, "Siri" She has been passionate about Thai cuisine since 2014, and she is known for her expertise in the culinary arts. She combines her culinary skills with her childhood memories of authentic Thai tastes from her ‘grandma's secret recipes’ to serve uncompromisingly delicious and premium-quality dishes to her beloved customers.

From Isan to NYC

Isan, the northeast region of Thailand, represents about 30% of the country's population but punches well above its weight when it comes to its dominance in Thai cuisine. which can be found everywhere, from street food vendors to high-end restaurants. And now we serving you the 'Authentic Thai Isan Cuisine' such as Udon (U-dorn) Noodles soup,

 "Isan Steak" or "Gang Ohm" in the House Special Menu.


‘PALANG ’ known as a special dinner dishes In the northeastern region of Thailand or "Isan",

'PA' is a rice, 'LANG' is the evening. The meaning would be a special dinner time with family, friend or lover spend together in special occasion. Select your special dishes and appreciate with your special moment at 'JaydSiri Thai Bistro'.


Homemade Dessert

What's more completed your dinner than a moisture Homemade chocolate brownie?

Or light and sweet flavor with tropical notes of creamy coconut milk and tangy fresh fruit in Mango sticky rice. Our Homemade Desserts are ready to fulfill your day just taste it

and you gonna love it!


"Feel JaydSiri Mood & Good Vibes"


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JaydSiri Thai Bistro

23 South Middle Neck Rd, Great Neck, NY 11021

+1 516-696-3654,

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